Canvas safaris


Canvas safaris

The visitor in Africa knows that he has no need to be afraid sleeping in a tent, but rather be excited.

The safari with tenting included is NOT for cheep tourism. We offer these tours to show you the most beautiful regions in Namibia, e.g. Bushmanland, Damaraland, Kaokoland /Kaokoveld, the wonderful South and of course the Caprivi. Tented Safaris to the Caprivi are mostly combined with Botswana.

The real feeling for our outside nature cannot be felt between walls. Only when you experience your first night under a canvas, hear the barking of the geckos, see the stars through your Mosquito net, smell the fresh air and perhaps still hear some soft voices from the campfire, only then will u realize that Camping is super!

In the morning the first coffee is steaming, birds are singing and inviting you to get your binoculars. You don't have to drive into the bush , you are already there. And I assure you, you will enjoy it!

Many of our regulars book a high quality lodge tour combined with a few tented nights in secluded nature paradises.

Our tents are of a high quality and absolutely weatherproof. You are better protected against bugs and mosquitos as in a room. Tent sizes are 2 x 2 meter and 1.80 high. We supply a folding bed(stretcher) and a canvas roll with mattress . Please bring your own sleeping bag.

When we arrive at our camping destination, the tents will be put in place and the camp will be erected. Normally everybody helps with the completion of the camp. But regulars can, with an extra cost, use a helper team from us.(But only for tours larger than 12 persons please) . We then go on game drives, game walks or do observations. Later we will start preparing dinner. We would appreciate some help by the preparation of the food (e.g. peeling of potatoes etc) and the rinsing afterwards.

With pleasure we would like to lead your friends or school classes through Namibia. But for that we need some time. So please book quite some time in advance.