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LEAFLOVE says it all!

it's a bird recently discovered in Namibia

Leaflove is a bird native to central and western Africa that was recently spotted in Namibia for the first time - that's a pretty big deal for us birders and naturalists and besides, we love the name. We also love leaves - and nature - and the feeling of discovering stuff. We love all green stuff, birding,'mammaling' and adventuring and we'd love to take you along.

A close encounter with an endangered black rhino, a desert elephant or a majestic lion is on every safari-goers' wish list, but don't underestimate the equally magnificent world of birds, insects and other forms of life that have adapted over centuries to this unique environment.

The long distances are covered in comfortable, air-conditioned, off-road game viewing vehicles. Our Land Cruisers have been custom built for your safety, comfort and enjoyment.

Alternatively, try one of our Tours on the Wing for a birds' eye view of some of the most scenic and spectacular sights the planet has to offer, which we undertake in association with licenced air taxis.

Active, adventure-filled days are followed by relaxed, comfortable nights at lodges, guest farms or rest camps where you will be welcomed and treated to our legendary Namibian hospitality.

We support establishments run on sound ecological principles. The safety of our guests and respect for the environment are of paramount importance to us.


ABOUT the Founder

"I was born in Nambia and grew up on a farm in the far south of the country, on the very edge of the Namib desert.
From an early age I was aware of the beauty and power of this land and I feel very blessed to be able to share it with you.
I've even turned one of the homesteads on our family farm into a guest house for the ultimate African-farm experience.

Lisa, my wife, is co-founder of Leaflove Safari and the real driving force behind this company. Thanks to her skills and talent you are able to enjoy this website and all the graphics surrounding Leaflove.

My speciality is birding, photographic and natural history safaris.
Leaflove Safaris is based on my vision to offer the best photographic safaris on the planet... well, within Namibia. I strive to give each guest a fresh experience designed to create lasting memories of this amazing place I call home.

Whether you've come just for the sunsets or the luxury of wide open, uninhabited spaces, Namibia has something for you - from the chilly Atlantic, to the red dunes of Sossusvlei and the beautiful Makalani palms on the Kunene River.

We'd love to hear from you."

Albert Voigts von Schütz