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Most people yearn to visit Africa the cradle of humankind. There is afterall, a little bit of Africa in each and every one of us. And Nambia is a wonderful choice for a holiday. The people are friendly, the scenery spectacular and the weather glorious. It's rugged and unspoilt; a land of enormous contrasts, whose wide-open spaces are home to unique wildlife, birds and extraordinary plants.


All my tours are tailor-made, crafted according to your personal requirements.

Please feel free to contact me and tell us about your special interests and expectations.


Most of our Safaris are accommodated in Lodges, but if you like to be sitting around a crackling fire, watching the last rays of the proverbial African sunset and listening for the gecko’s bark, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to see Africa our way, under Canvas.


A lot of people talk about it and many fear it, for a lot of good reasons. You have to be well-equipped and you have to know what you’re doing. We’ve been running safaris in Africa for more than 15 years. Our bowtents are strong, safe and practical– no mosquitos, no dirt, no unwanted visitors and plenty of fresh air. We also supply a safari stretcher with bedroll, which makes for a comfortable night’ sleep.


Our cooking is good, really, since we have to eat it as well. Just let us know beforehand if you have any personal preferences or special dietary requirements. It’s a long way from the nearest organic-co-op once we hit the road.


Namibia is all about space, peace and wonderful things to see – allow us to go out of our way to bring it closer to you. Join us as we wander on and off the beaten track to bring you the best this vast country has to offer.



Join us...


Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa


Since we urge to discover new routes, new places, new birds and new scenery, we organize expeditions within and well over the borders of Namibia.


Please join one of these small groups. Just enquire about expeditions in the pipeline and we will gladly inform you.

What we need to know from you:
- your personal interests and expectations
- when, what time of the year you prefer visiting us
- lodging, luxury lodging or camping

- how much time do you have, how many days